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Energy, Focus, Pain Relief, Recovery, Relax and Sleep


USDA Organic CBD SLEEP Tincture | A Natural Sleeping Aid


Full Spectrum Vanilla Lavender

A Perfect Synergy for Relaxation


Stop Chronic Pain & Enjoy Daily Living


Treat your Pet with Pure Natural CBD Oil

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Authentic Reviews from Real Customers

It helped me a lot with my sleep problems. Definitely a 5/5

The absolute best customer service I have dealt with in years. I was having issues with shipping and spoke with John through email/phone call and he was wonderful. Incredibly helpful, gave me assurance, was personable, friendly and made sure my order went through while we were on the phone. What an incredibly kind guy you’ve got there. I’ve been using the Sunset Salve for two years and it is by far the most effective cbd rub I’ve ever used. I’ve gone through about a dozen different companies to try and find something that works. My husband and I are timber fallers, so the aches and pains are very prevalent day to day. This product is incredibly helpful on my hands and feet. I finally convinced my father, who has been a butcher and all around outdoorsman for his entire life, to use this product and he loves it as well. My mother, who has Parkinson’s Disease (and has put many miles on her body via mountaineering/skiing/distance running) just started using it a few months ago and loves it. I’m a huge fan of this company and highly recommend this salve to any walk of life looking for pain relief.

I started taking California craft CBD several months ago. I started with a low dose and worked up to 1mL in the morning over a few months. I remember one day standing in my kitchen feeding breakfast to our kids thinking to myself...its been awhile since I’ve felt that old feeling of awful anxiety. I have battled anxiety all of my adult life and have taken zoloft a good portion of it, but can say that since starting CBD I have been able to half my zoloft rX... considering the year and the times we are in I think that says something. It’s not this instant euphoric feeling that you’ll get.. that would be temporary anyways’s definitely something that will dawn on you and you’ll think to yourself, I feel so balanced these days. It’s a great feeling and I 10/10 recommend California craft. I loved the lemon mint for an and lavender vanilla for pm.

Been using Califirnia Craft for about 6 months now to help with sleep and overall well being. The stuff is insane. And the value is also, the best I have come accross, typically CBD with this level of qaulity is twice as much $ for the ammout, but these guys are a real value and super high qaulity. I have tried many other brands and there are some good ones but nothing in my book compares to what you get for the price with CACRAFT. Try them out you won't be disappointed.